Friday, September 25, 2015

Choices For Your Families

Choices For Your Families

Imprint On My Heart Fingerprint Jewelry and Precious Vessel Cremation Ash Pendants
Imprint On My Heart offers the finest quality personalized fingerprint jewelry.  Our selection is endless.  Each piece is custom made and cast in the highest quality fine metal.  Your families will be impressed and thankful for the quality keepsake.  The fingerprints are cast in the metal and not laser engraved.  They will last for generations.

Precious Vessel Jewelry offer your families a large selection of fine jewelry cremation ash pendants.  There is no other jewelry on the market that will match the quality and selection of Precious Vessel.  Our KeepLoc plug is water-tight and permanent.  Each piece can be engraved and birthstones added as a further customization option.  

We offer so many choices for your families.  Our offerings make it beneficial to your funeral home to offer quality memorial keepsakes.  Your families will be grateful for the selection, quality and personalization available for the pieces they choose to memorialize their loved one.

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Imprint On My Heart, Inc.
A Richards and West Company
501 West Commercial Street
East Rochester, NY  14445

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